How D Factory Works

 We open 8/9 am every day. We shut shop at 10 That’s more than your average work timings.

We understand that a brilliant idea doesn’t see the time. It can hit you anywhere, and so we’re always prepared with our doors open so that you an storm right in and start your hustle right where you left off.

For this, we have a trained team that we’d like to call “Your second Family”

One who takes calls for you, takes down your messages, prints your documents, had0delivers them to you and not to forget – fresh coffee to help you boost adrenaline into your system!

Amenities we’re proud to be hosts of high speed WiFi connection, fully air conditioned workspaces, coffee and tea vending machines and if you’ve lived in Vasai long enough – you may know having 24×7 power supply isn’t our town’s strong point, but D Factory, electricity will NEVER EVER be a problem.

So fold your sleeves, rub your palms together. We promise to never give you another reason to slack off. It’s time to hustle and hustle like you’ve never done before.

Let’s grow together.

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